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There are many reasons why many people are not successful in business and in life. Many blame their parents, the school that they went to or the friends that they associate with. None this is true! The main reasons why people don’t succeed is because of the actions they take, the decisions that they make, and their way of thinking.

successful people take action

Here is a list of 10 things that you can start doing right now to get on track to having a successful business and successful life!


1.  You Don’t Have An Abundance Mindset

The majority of us have a tendency to think about the things that we don’t have in life. Unfortunately, the outcome of this way of thinking is that you end up not having or achieving anything. This is fundamental to the “Law Of Attraction”. What you think about, you attract into your life!
Instead, focus on what you do have, and come up with a plan of what you do want to achieve. Our perception of life really does have an effect on what we achieve and receive. In other words, “Always look at the glass as half full, and not half empty”

2.  You Never Finish What Your Start

Plenty of wise men have said, “Starting is easy, but finishing is hard.”  You may have a great idea for a new business venture, and you are full of energy and excitement at the start. But as time goes by your creative juices stop flowing, your motivation dwindles away and before you know it, your business idea has now been left on the shelf. It is important that you see you’re your idea through to the very end. Get yourself into the habit of working on your ideas daily, and keep a log of any progress that you are making. Keeping an activity log will help to keep you to stay motivated and will encourage you to  “keep going” with your idea. You will never know what the outcome of your idea if you don’t “follow through”!!

3.  You Don’t Believe in Yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself, it can affect your self-confidence which will prevent you from taking the necessary steps to move forward. Lack of self-belief is something that manifests in your subconscious mind, but there are tried and methods that can help you to overcome this. Please read my article, “How To Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs In Business And In Life”.

Saving is important to achieve success

4.  You’re Always Broke

If you just focusing on just making money without saving any money, then you will have nothing to show for your efforts. One of the main reasons why people fail in business is because they do not get into the habit of regular saving. Aim to save at least 20% of your income before you start spending it. Over a period of time, you can invest 40% of your saving into either your current or a new business venture. Your business will grow because you are reinvesting in your business, and you will have more financial security because you have regular savings.

 5.  You’re a Perfectionist

Many people don’t succeed in business because they are constantly seeking perfection. This can be one of the biggest downfalls that people have, especially when they are starting out in business. Focusing on creating perfection can waste a lot of valuable time. Instead of seeking perfection, ensure that the matter hand is fully functional, and start focusing on working something else instead. This will help you to gain more momentum, and to achieve quicker results. As time progresses, you will get better at what you are doing, and you can always go back and modify certain elements of your business that need improving.

If you don't take risks then you won't succeed

6.  You’re Not Willing To Take Risks

If you are not willing to take risks, then your life will never change. You might think that it best to just play it safe, but the fact remains that there is an element of risk involved in everything that we do in life. Successful people go outside their comfort zone, in order to develop and grow which involves taking calculated risks.
“The biggest risk is not taking any risks. In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks” – Mark Zuckerberg

7.   You’re a Follower, Not a Leader

We often have a tendency to want to emulate the latest online guru or a brand-new online business concept that is currently taking the world by storm. It is good to be influenced by these new concepts or people, but we should not attempt to duplicate them.
When your business is simply a carbon copy of another, you will not be seen as an authentic brand, which will be detrimental in the long run as you are not seen as the leader in your chosen field. If you have a great idea, have to conviction to stick with it, and not to be influenced by external forces. For more information about brand authenticity, please read my article “Why Is Brand Authenticity Important For Your Online Business!”

8.  Fear

Fear is a major inhibitor as to why people don’t succeed!
The primary fear that stops many from even attempting to achieve outstanding success is the fear of failure. If you have read an autobiography about someone famous, the chances are that they have had to deal with the fear that they fail,  and have probably also had to deal with failure at some point in their lives.
People sometimes fear what their friends may think about them if they are successful, or fear that they may change when they become successful.
In any of these given scenarios, ask yourself the question “What Is the Worst That Can Happen?”
If you do fail, then you can always try again. Remember that there is always something valuable to learn from failure that you can use to your advantage at a later date
If your friends are now jealous of you because you are successful, then it is time to make new friends.
And if you have changed as a person, then seek a mentor that will help to keep you in check!
The bottom line is that people who do not attempt great things because of fear will later reflect of their lives with regret that they didn’t give it a go which is actually the biggest failure of all!

9.  You Think You Can Do Everything By Yourself

There’s a myth that successful businesses were built by just one individual. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We all may know about the company figureheads, for example, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Mark Zuckerberg but they all had a team of people working hard behind the scenes. Focus on what talents you have, and find people that you can outsource the tasks that may not be your speciality. This will save you time and in money in the long run.

10.   You Focus On Things That Aren’t Important

A big problem that many people have is that they focus on things that are not important. For example, you need to create valuable content on your website, but instead, you focus overall layout and design. A good way of avoiding this is to write out a plan at the start of action for the week ahead. Then look back at your list and number the tasks in order of priority. This will ensure that you start your week focusing on your most important tasks first.


We may not have been lucky enough to have been given the best start in life to be successful whether it be wealth, education, or social influence. But we do have the choice every day to make the necessary changes required to become successful.

“It doesn’t matter where you are from. All that matters are where you are going”  – Brian Tracy

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