Winston Meikle

My Core Values


Authenticity – We are all unique in our own very special way, and I believe that it is important to fully embrace who we are, and to use our talents to the best of our abilities.

Mindset – Everything that we do comes from the mind, so it is important to be aware that our way of thinking can have either a positive or negative effect on our lives.

Discipline – An extremely important value to have. Without discipline then you will struggle to reach your fullest potential and will inhibit you to achieve success.

Honesty – This is a fundamental value if you want to build an established business, friendship, or relationship. Honesty builds trust and without true honesty,  you will soon realise that your foundations will crumble.

Focus – If you want to succeed in life then you need to have razor-sharp focus. Try your best to avoid any unnecessary distractions, and take time out to gather your thoughts.

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