An article on the importance of personal development when running an online business

The Benefits Of Personal Development

To run and maintain a successful business, we all know it is important to develop your products, your marketing strategies, and also to develop your business administration ecosystems. But there is one vital element of the business that is there from the very start of your business journey and usually to the very end that often gets neglected when it comes to development, and that is “YOU”.

In this article, I will unravel some of the benefits of Personal Development When Running A Business.


The Six Human Needs

If we want to have more of an understanding as to what makes us tick, it is important that we are aware that there are “Six Basic Human Needs” for us to feel a sense of fulfilment in life.


The Six Human Needs Are:

Certainty – A Sense of Security, Safety and Comfort in the World

Significance – A Sense of Uniqueness, Individuality and Being Special

Variety – A Sense of Change, Interest and Adventure

Love & Connection – A sense of Acceptance, Belonging and Support

Contribution – The Desire to Give to Those Around Us

Growth & Development – A Desire to Learn, Grow and Evolve

From having an insight into our human needs, we can see that Personal Development is more than something that we should consider, but something that we actually need to feel a sense of fulfilment in life.


The importance of Personal Development

Personal Development In Business

When starting up and running your own business, you will encounter many challenges along the way. They come in many various forms, from improving your customer relationships and services to having the skill to ensuring that your products are up to date and are priced at a competitive rate. When you strive for Personal Development,  you will become better at everything that you do. From developing a more effective business meeting structure, to developing your mindset to remain focused and calm when under pressure.



The thirst for personal development should not stop when you finish High School or University, but something that you seek for the rest of your life. The more we develop, the more knowledge and skills that we have to run our businesses more effectively, and also in running our everyday lives.

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